Don't Buy Into Bullying

2022 Holiday Campaign

The 2022 holiday season is upon us. As you consider gift giving and entertainment, please remember to choose merchants and products that respect people's names.

Are you considering a gift that makes light of someone's name? Ask yourself:

  • Would I think this was funny if it were my name and it was being misused everywhere?

  • Would I think this was funny if instead of a name, it used another aspect of identity like race or gender?

  • Would I think this were funny if I accidentally bumped into these statements from strangers?

  • Have I checked out how names impact people subconsciously by using this tool?

Want to do more to stop name-based bullying?

  • Share this meme with friends and social networks

  • Let caring merchants know you choose to buy from them because they don't carry derogatory products.

  • Ask a merchant to remove or discontinue a derogatory product.

  • Speak out when you see or hear the misuse of people's names.